Criminal Investigator Job Profile and Description

The criminal investigator is one who works with facts, research, information and laws and regulations that are related to crime. There are also collaborations with others within this field in order to work on a particular case. This generally involves a lot of expertise in different aspects of crime.

There are various responsibilities ranging from examining different records, preparing evidence, assisting in prosecution, research on misdemeanor and also work with law enforcement technology. There is a need to also cooperate and manage different intense situations and be on the alert at all times.

Criminal Investigator Duties and Responsibilities

  • He or she should be able to observe different suspects
  • He or she must take down witness records
  • There is a need to be able to handle different equipment like a camera
  • He or she should prepare the details of the investigation and do so by collaborating with other departments and offices

Criminal Investigator Skills and Specifications

  • The investigator must be aware of all the regulations, laws, court procedures, legal codes, public safety, agency rules, computer knowledge etc.
  • He should be good with judgment, decision making and writing and should have the ability to solve different complex problems
  • He should be good with communications
  • He should be aware of the justice system
  • He should make proper background research for any kind of criminal activity at all times

Criminal Investigator Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in law
  • Certification or training courses in natural science, law enforcement, criminal investigation, crime justice, psychology and forensic archaeology
  • It is important that one has a strong science and research theoretical base

Criminal Investigator Salary

The salary may vary but the median annual salary of a criminal investigator is about $65,000.