Law Clerk Job Profile and Description

The law clerk is also a professional attorney who helps the judge make an informed decision on various legal duties. The clerks do not just perform clerical duties but are very skilled at performing different important tasks. He or she holds a very prestigious and dignified position within the field. He or she has to be directly involved in all sorts of processes concerned with litigation.

They have to help judges in order to manage all the proceedings and also organize all the exhibits. There are also various persons he or she has to constantly engage with such as the court personnel, litigants, chambers staff and public.

Law Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helping judges with settlements and other conferences as well as disputes
  • Reviewing briefs by different parties
  • Making recommendations regarding the disposition of appeals
  • Verifying legal papers and research
  • supervising chambers staff
  • Creating drafts of different documents concerning memoranda, briefs etc
  • Research and analyzing different legal problems in civil and criminal cases
  • maintaining the chambers library

Law Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Writing and research capacity should be high
  • Create well researched and concise opinions and drafts along with memoranda
  • Must know the complex and statutory laws

Law Clerk Education and Qualifications

The law clerk must be educated and trained in the following:

  • Law graduation and post graduation
  • Two year clerkship with any judge
  • Being employed as a judge staff
  • Academic credentials should be high since this involves a lot of theoretical knowhow

Law Clerk Salary

The salary is dependent on the experience of the law clerk and the loyalty pay adjustments, bar membership etc. the payment annually is around $54,000 and this is for experienced clerks. The inexperienced ones get around $47,000. The most experienced ones get $105,000.