Criminal Justice Job Profile and Description

The criminal justice pertains to a number of careers within the legal field. One can be a corporate, criminal or civil lawyer. This also encompasses the paralegals and the criminal investigators as well as the legal enforcers. The essential thing to remember about this career is that there are a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled.

The lawyer or representative of the law should be able to uphold the law and know about the intricacies of how the court and legal matters work. He or she should be able to address the problems of the state and the clients concerned with a particular case as well.

Criminal Justice Duties and Responsibilities

  • The criminal justice individual should be very aware and an expert in the court procedures
  • He should be through with his research and should be able to make in depth legal analysis of different areas of a case
  • He should be able to draft different documents and file the necessary records wherever required
  • He should be steadfast and fastidious and must be able communicate as well as handle different sorts of clients.

Criminal Justice Skills and Specifications

  • He or she should be an expert in computer and relevant technology
  • He or she should be fluent in written and verbal communications
  • He should have a good idea of the technical specifications regarding every case

Criminal Justice Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in law as well as a master’s degree
  • He or she must clear the Bar exam
  • There is an essential need to give the ethical examination as well

Criminal Justice Salary

This is dependent on the sort of firm one is associated with. The average income is $47,000 however criminal lawyers get hourly fees.