International Lawyer Job Profile and Description

The international lawyer has similar responsibilities as that of a lawyer. He or she is responsible for drafting legal documents, handling settlement negotiations and researching different cases as well as representing different clients. This needs to be done after passing the bar exam as well as the ethical examination. One has to be admitted to the State’s bar association before practicing law in any field.

There is a need to focus on legal and international disputes and issues. These deal with trade, business and criminal cases. There is a need to gain experience as well as training before becoming a lawyer.

International Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ability to negotiate in different international setting
  • Ability to thoroughly research and also compose different case researches
  • Manage different elements of the case
  • tion when it comes to different countries in criminal, trade and business cases

International Lawyer Skills and Specifications

  • Essentially the lawyer must have computer skills
  • Should be able to use different legal research engines such as Westlaw and LexisNexis
  • Should be able to handle accounting software and project management software

International Lawyer Education and Qualifications

The following are mandatory for an international lawyer:

  • Degree Level:  Juris Doctor (J.D.)
  • Undergraduate and Post graduate Degree Field:       Law
  • Licensure:        All states require that lawyers be licensed
  • Key Skills:       Critical thinking, , research, writing, negotiation analytical reasoning

International Lawyer Salary

The annual average salary is $68,000. This is dependent greatly on employer, education, location, experience, and benefits. This career is a good choice since it involves higher pay for similar work as a state lawyer. However, there needs to be good understanding of rules and regulations, concepts pertaining to international law before counseling any client.