Law Enforcement Job Profile and Description

The law enforcement officer is one who is in charge of protecting property and law as well as upholding the law. There are many requirements for this job which mostly has to do with training and mental acumen. There are many colleges and universities which offer law enforcement classes for those interested in this career.  This job is basically to protect those within jurisdiction and keep everyone safe.

This includes patrolling areas, directing traffic and keeping eye on suspicious behavior including investigation. There are different career choices from police officers to detectives. There are daily law enforcement duties which need to be kept in mind. There are also Special Weapons and Tactics team one could join.

Law Enforcement Duties and Responsibilities

  • Up hold the law at all times
  • Should be impartial and just
  • Should be aware of the laws and requirements
  • Should know of all legal procedures
  • Should be an astute observer
  • Should be able to handle different issues

Law Enforcement Skills and Specifications

  • Should be physically trained to handle different public emergencies
  • Should have the mental acumen to create strategies during different legal situations
  • Should be tactical and diplomatic
  • Should always be just for every type of case

Law Enforcement Education and Qualifications

  • Must be a U.S Citizen
  • Must be 21 years old or over
  • Must have a high school diploma with college experience
  • Must have professional experience such as recruitment in an agency’s training program
  • Must be aware of civil code, emergency medical techniques and firearm usage
  • Must know about enforcing laws and also should have proper police training.

Law Enforcement Salary

The average salary of the law enforcement officer is about $56,765 which is subject to change as per the different fields.