Lawyer Job Profile and Description

The lawyer is a licensed professional who is engaged by the state to practice law. He or she must advise various clients on different legal matters. There are those who also act as advisors and advocates on behalf of the clients. There is a requirement to represent the defendant or plaintiff during a case and argue for the client. There are written documents and oral arguments which are taken care of.

Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities

This is dependent on the type of lawyer and field of specialization.

  • The trial attorneys or litigation attorneys have to deal with legal disputes that are solved through mediation, lawsuits and negotiated settlements.
  • For most lawyers, they have to take care of rendering legal advice, interviewing clients, doing legal research as well as drafting a lot of documents like briefs, motions, briefs and pleadings.
  • It is also important that the lawyer is attuned with the different legal procedures of different states.

Lawyer Skills and Specifications

  • He should have ability to balance multiple tasks
  • He should have ability to identify with with a client’s situation
  • He must be good at Negotiating legal business transactions and drafting various documents
  • He should have strong analytical skills and leadership skills along with oral and written communication skills
  • He should be counseling clients with different court procedures and doing legal research

Lawyer Education and Qualifications

  • Seven years of post high school education
  • Four year undergraduate degree from a known law school
  • Need to pass the State bar examination
  • Certification from ethics examination

Lawyer Salary

The lawyers’ salaries are dependent on the practice they join. This also varies according to location. The average income of a lawyer is $94,930. They can also earn between $64,000 and $143,000. Those working in Boston will earn about $135,000 to $160,000 as public defenders.