Patent Lawyer Job Profile and Description

Patent lawyers are specialized in the field of law and are responsible for protecting the property rights of the inventor and also all the issues regarding the application for a patent. A Patent lawyer prepares and prosecutes the patent application for his clients.

The application procedure for a patent is complicated and it requires a lawyer who is well trained and who possess the expertise to interpret and negotiate contracts and documents and also offer legal advice to their clients. He works for organizations that involve the manufacturing of products.

Patent Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Represent’s their clients during a dispute and also regarding legal matters.
  • Conducts a research to check if the invention of a patent is represented in the public for the first time and was not presented by anyone else in the past.
  • Files, drafts and prosecutes the applications for a patent before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Provides legal representation if any challenges are found in obtaining the license for an invention or any patent violation.

Patent Lawyer Skills and Specifications

  • Must be competent and be able to take up challenges.
  • Ability to work for long hours.
  • Willingness to learn continuously and must possess good communication skills.

Patent Lawyer Education and Qualification

  • A four year bachelor’s degree in law followed by three years of study for obtaining a Juris Doctor (J.D) degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association.
  • License can be obtained from the jurisdiction or state following a written bar exam.
  • Passing the USPTO licensing exam is mandatory for those who would like to represent inventors.
  • Certifications can be obtained from the National Association of Patent.

Patent Lawyer Salary

The average salary of a Patent Lawyer is found to be $113,000 per annum and the jobs for patent lawyers are expected to increase by 10% in the coming years.