Customer Service Assistant Manager Job Profile and Description

A customer service assistant manager works under a customer service manager and has many job responsibilities including handling customer, managing database with updated status and taking care for the training of newly appointed employees. A customer service assistant manager is generally hired in huge corporate companies, hotels/ restaurants and MNCs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He has to take care of current customer service and has to initiate new policies for jammed up customer complaints to avoid legal issues.
  • He has to supervise all work and functioning of subordinates of customer service staff and assess them on basis of their performance.
  • A customer service assistant manager has to update customer service staff about last minute changes and monthly meeting outcomes regarding targets.
  • He needs to conduct customer service training programs for new employees by educating them about company profile, management system and customer service department functions.
  • He has to be friendly with annoyed customers and satisfy their requirements.
  • He has to take care of target fulfilment assigned to customer service department and has to take responsibility if any mismanagement occurs within the customer service department.
  • He has to help new customer services trainees and needs to be attentive during working hours.

Skills and Specifications

  • He should have excellent communication skills to attend annoyed customers in a pleasant manner.
  • He must be able to divide the job responsibilities and day to day targets to subordinates.
  • A customer service assistant manager should be able to organize the entire work in absence of customer service manager.
  • He should have a pleasing personality and good interpersonal skills.

Education and Qualifications

To work as customer service assistant manager, an applicant should be a graduate in any stream with customer service and management diplomas. Post Graduation in management or MBA degree will provide an edge over the others.