A customer service bank teller is often responsible for shaping the customer’s initial impression of a bank. Extending good customer service to customers is a must for any banking establishment. Some of the important transactions that a customer service bank teller has to discharge include opening of accounts, accepting withdrawals and deposits, processing loan requests, transferring money from one account to another, checking cash etc. A customer of the bank can request all these transactions over the telephone and email and the customer service bank teller executes all these work.

Customer Service Bank Teller Duties and Responsibilities

The common duties that a customer service bank teller has to discharge include the following:

  • Pleasing the customer with a good approach to help them with their questions and at the same time generates revenue for the company. Excellent communication skills are the key to this.
  • Retaining the existing customers of the bank by building a solid rapport and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Attracting potential clients through displaying and selling banking products and services. Effective salesmanship is required for this.
  • To maintain correct records of sales, transactions, complaints, cancellation, orders etc., that have taken place and also ensuring a proper follow-up whenever required.
  • Listening to customer query with all due patience.
  • Providing timely solutions for customer queries and also ensuring that problems don’t occur again.
  • Directing the customer to the correct person-in-charge when handling the query is beyond the capability of the customer service bank teller.

Customer Service Bank Teller Skills and Specifications

A customer service bank teller is expected to have the following skills:

  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge about billing and accounts.
  • Knowledge of the banking products and billing instruments.
  • Knowledge about the customer billing rules that are updated by the state and federal governments from time to time.

Customer Service Bank Teller Education and Qualification

Following are the education and qualifications required for being a customer service bank teller.

  • Graduation in a relevant discipline, especially, accounting or management accounting.
  • Knowledge of MS Office applications especially the spreadsheet solutions.
  • An experience of 4-5 years in the relevant industry is desirable.

Customer Service Bank Teller Salary

A customer service bank teller who has proper experience can command a salary of about $35,000 per year. In most cases the remuneration increases as the candidate goes on adding experience.