Customer Service Clerk Job Profile and Description

Customer service clerks provide information and answer questions on the company’s goods and services. They assist customers by taking orders, scanning information about the customer bills and payments and also updating accounts whenever necessary. They also extend services like handling payments, making exchanges, providing refunds and processing service requests.

A customer service clerk may work interact with customers over the telephone or in person. Such personnel are mostly employed by insurance companies, retail establishments, telecommunications and various utility and service-oriented companies as well as other businesses. They demonstrate customer servicing skills via politeness, efficiency and patience. They often investigate the complaints and also arrange for assistance to aggrieved customers.

Customer Service Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

The core duties that a customer service clerk needs to perform are as follows:

  • Writing reports and analyzing customer service that the organization provides.
  • Visiting customers for providing a personalized service.
  • Developing the complaints or feedback procedures that could be used by the customers.
  • Developing all customer service policies, procedures and standards for the department or organization.
  • Extending advice and help to the customers by using the organization’s products and services.
  • Contacting the customers courteously via telephone, emails, regular letters etc.
  • Inquiring and resolving customer grievances and complaints that may be too complex or long-standing and those that have been passed over by customer service agents.
  • Handling any major incident or customer service complaints like a customer being taken ill or some security issues.
  • Issuing compensations or refunds to customers.

Customer Service Clerk Skills and Specification

Following are some common skills and specifications that a customer service clerk is supposed to have:

  • Organization and planning skills.
  • Ability to prioritize work and time management skills.
  • Data organization and management.
  • Paying attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Customer service orientation.

Customer Service Clerk Education and Qualification

The typical education and qualifications that a customer service clerk must have are as follows:

  • While a high school diploma is sufficient, a graduate degree from a recognized university is preferable.
  • Knowledge of the basic accounting principles.
  • Knowledge of relevant computer software like MS Office.
  • Working knowledge about the internet and email.
  • Knowledge of all the administrative procedures.

Customer Service Clerk Salary

A customer service clerk can draw a salary of about $55,000 per year including the applicable perks and bonuses.