Customer Service Planner Job Profile and Description

A customer service planner is hired in commercial and corporate organizations to plan unique and satisfactory customer services to facilitate customers. Customer services planner has to create new innovative strategies to work on company benefits and customer satisfaction index. These strategies work great to enhance customer satisfaction rate.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A Customer Service Planner has to review the previous customer handling and satisfaction policies before start working over new strategies.
  • A customer service planner has to initiate new training plans to train company’s customer care department with upgraded technology system.
  • He has to suggest changes in current administration and in customer care department to present it in a proper manner.
  • He has to initiate customer services plans online to make customers comfortable and provide them easy access to billing and complaint services.
  • He has to improve the service level by making minor changes which plays an important role to enhance sales of company on particular product.
  • He has to plan new discount/ offer policies to attract more customers which results into improvement of customer satisfaction index.

Skills and Specifications

  • He should be well aware of customer service planning concept.
  • He must be able to recall old beneficial changes when new strategies do not work.
  • A customer service planner should be able to plan customer service policies and procedures according to company management system.
  • He should have knowledge of billing formats, customer feedback online system and product specifications to plan better services.
  • He should have good communication and interpersonal skills.

Education and Qualifications

A customer service planner should be a graduate along with a diploma or certificate in planning, customer service or management. To perform on higher level, a candidate should be a M.B.A or post graduate preferably in management stream along with good experience.