Customer Service Receptionist Job Profile and Description

A customer service receptionist performs on front desk of customer service. This designation is found almost in each industry and organization. Basically, a customer service receptionist is appointed to attend initial level accompanists via telephonic conversation, e- mails or customer face to face interview.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • She has to attend the calls and is also required to make calls to the customers.
  • She is responsible for maintaining track record of incoming and outgoing calls and she has to submit it to the concerned person.
  • A customer service receptionist has to greet customers who are making an appearance to organization and has to take care of their comfort level.
  • She has to take care of all clerical work including couriers, faxes and filling forms etc.
  • Her duty is to keep the reception clear and maintain record shelves of internal communication held from front desk to other departments.
  • She has to be informative regarding official timings and other circular information.
  • She has to take care that all the queries of customers or clients are taken due care of.

Skills and Specifications

  • She should be aware about computer, internet and interfacing devices use.
  • She must be able to prepare records in black & white and should be able to maintain record shelves.
  • A customer service receptionist must be able to communicate over phone and e-mails with impressive communicational skills.
  • She should have good organisational skills.
  • She must have good and pleasing personality.
  • A customer service receptionist should be ready to work for long hours when needed.

Education and Qualifications

To work as customer service receptionist the candidate should be a graduate with good communication skills along with course or diploma in customer service. A candidate with experience in the field and with any management diploma will have an edge over the others.