Customer Service Coordinator Job Profile and Description

Customer service coordinators are usually in-charge of a company’s sales department. They set sales policies and goals, hire and train a team of customer care representatives and agents to meet these goals. They help their teams in managing accounts and landing new clients. In a nutshell, a customer service coordinator is a person who has to assist in developing the company’s customer service policies, standards and procedures.

The basic aim of all customer service coordinators would be to extend the highest level of customer satisfaction. Such personnel also extend administrative support to the call center of the company, account managers and the management.

Customer Service Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

The typical duties that a customer service coordinator has to discharge include the following:


  • Interacting with customers and providing them with information on products, accounts and services.
  • Responding to service calls from clients or customers and dispatching a particular query to the relevant customer care associate.
  • Resolving and handling customer grievances and complaints or special orders through email and telephone.
  • Gathering and processing orders, providing important information regarding any change in price of goods and services and shipping.
  • Investigating and rectifying errors and following the company’s policies in this case.
  • Quizzing customers for acquiring information as well as explaining the available services.
  • Coordinating the service requirements of customers with the appropriate departments as necessary for ensuring effective customer service.

Customer Service Coordinator Skills and Specifications

A customer service coordinator is expected to have the following skills:

  • Ability to remain calm under strict conditions and pressures.
  • Ability to maintain records timely and accurately.
  • Good decision making, IT and communication skills.
  • Encouraging and motivating people; sporting a responsible attitude.
  • Having interest to help and work with customers.
  • Sound practical judgment of work priorities.
  • Working knowledge of the MS-Office suite, especially Excel, the spreadsheet.

Customer Service Coordinator Education and Qualification

Following are the education and qualifications required for being a customer service coordinator.

  • Graduation in a relevant discipline, especially, human resource or mass communication or public relations.
  • An experience of 4-5 years in the relevant industry is desirable.

Customer Service Coordinator Salary

A customer service coordinator who has proper experience can command a salary of about $27,000 per year. In most cases, the remuneration increases as the candidate goes on adding experience. Perks and facilities are often given separately.