Customer Service Clerk Job Description and Profile

Customer Service Clerk can function in different sectors, they mostly have to interact directly with the customer on certain degree, and these interactions can be carried out on the phone, through telephone, or in person. Offering the customers a pleasant buying experience through useful services is the most important duty of this professional.  Customer service clerk interacts with the customers, processes information and provide them the required data for best results. In short, he has to carry out all the functions related to dealing with the customers effectively.

Customer Service Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Dealing directly with the technical and other queries of the customers either through telephone, electronically or even face to face if required Responding promptly to the customer inquiries in order to resolving them
  • Handling and resolving the customer complaints for the benefit of the organization
  • Keeping precise records of the discussions and correspondence related to the customers.
  • Analyzing the statistics for determining the height of customer service the organization is providing.
  • Offering written information to the customers and analyzing the customer service which the organization provides.
  • Developing feedback for customers to use and visiting them in order to acquire knowledge about their suggestions and complaints.
  • Developing customer service policies, procedures and standards for developing the quality of the products or services of the organization.
  • Communicating with the customers whenever required on several issues related to the organization’s products and services.
  • Issuing the compensation or refund to customers.
  • Developing a strong customer base of the organization which would remain loyal to its products and services.

Customer Officer Education, Training and Qualifications

Bachelor’s or diploma degree is highly essential. Awareness of different customer service practices and policies is desirable. Ability to deal with different types of customers and their varying requirements from the organization’s products and services is highly essential.

Customer Service Clerk Degrees, Courses & Certification

Certifications on different facets associated with this field for obtaining a higher position are easily available which can help the professional to land a better job. Job openings in this field are quite vast since these professionals are in great demand.

Customer Service Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Highly organized and responsible in nature.
  • Great problem solving abilities.
  • Great communication skills
  • Cash handling qualities
  • Highly outgoing personality
  • Ability to deal with the customers effectively
  • Strong people skills and patient

Customer Service Clerk Salary/Wage

In July 2010, the salary offered to the customer service administrator is around $10 per hour. However, the salary of the training consultant greatly depends on the nature of the job, the expertise and experience of the professional.