Document Controller Job Profile and Description

A document controller is responsible for the overall control of all company documents. This kind of task is more on proper document keeping and communicating with other departments regarding documents and files. Since this task emphasizes on submissions of files, a document controller must submit documents before the given deadline in order to avoid jeopardizing other departments because of a late submission of a document or file.

Job description and primary responsibilities of a document controller:

  • A document controller is responsible for coordinating with all departments of the company in order to assure that all documents are kept in the right place and in the right department file archive.
  • To ensure that all corporate documents are well checked and submitted on time prior to the documents submission due date. It is a fact that not all employees follow the standard format thus making it the responsibility of a document controller to edit documents that have typographical errors and other types of errors that may lead to the disqualification of a document.
  • To perform regular audit on corporate documents in order to ensure that all documents are properly submitted to other departments.
  • A document controller is responsible for file validation and document controlling. Before submitting a document, a document or file must first be checked and approved. This is the task of a document controller that all files submitted are approved by the superior in charge.
  • Performing evaluations and document audits in the whole company is one of the primary tasks of a document controller.
  • Effectively follow the company‚Äôs standard operating procedures in submissions of documents. Standard document submissions must take
  • Submitting corporate documents punctually and with quality. Documents with poor quality may lead to further an operational problem that is why it is important to submit each document with standard quality.
  • Ensures that all documents have no errors in filenames, submissions, etc before submitting it to the nest department to avoid confusion.
  • Preparation of all documents and communicating with employees in order to make submissions early is part of the job description of a document controller.