An engineering job specification is prepared by the experts to provide an overview of an available engineering job vacancy to the deserving candidates. Such a job specification is drafted by mentioning the required technical and practical educational skills, necessary experience of working in an engineering firm, documentation knowledge to qualify along with the offered job responsibilities. Furthermore, an engineering job specification is created uniquely for the different departments. Aerospace, electrical, metical and computer engineering are some of the diverse engineering branches which are presented with unique job duties in a job specification. Maintenance supervisor, maintenance manager and maintenance engineer are different engineering job positions. However, an engineering job specification varies profile to profile.

Types of Engineering job specifications:

  • Construction engineer job specification
  • Network engineer job specification
  • Industrial engineer job specification
  • Aeronautical engineer job specification, etc

Following given factors play an important role to draft an impressive engineering job specification:

  • Pay attention to a particular engineering field and job position and choose the significant factors to prepare an engineering job specification.
  • Write the job position, summary of the vacancy and reports to section carefully.
  • State the required educational qualifications according to the engineering job position such as a polytechnic diploma, graduation and post graduation in a particular field such as computer, mechanical, electrical, automotive and industrial field, etc.
  • Point out the compulsory experience along with skills like sound communication skills, negotiation skills, ability to understand the technical terms, team spirit aptitude and maintenance of essential practical records, etc.
  • Mention, if any additional skills are required for the job profile.

Computer Engineer Job Specification

Industrial Engineer Job Specification

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