A travel job specification is very helpful for the interested candidates who are seeking to opt for a desired travel job position. The job specification mentions the travel & tourism experience, required skills of handling management & administrative travelling tasks and ability to fulfil the job duties and responsibilities. Since there is wide range of jobs in the travel sector thus job specifications for each of them are drafted uniquely considering the needs and requirements of the job profile.

Types of travel job specifications:

  • Travel coordinator job specification
  • Travel agent job specification
  • Travel clerk job specification
  • Travel counsellor job specification, etc

Following referred steps play a vital role to produce an effective travel job specification:

  • Mention the needed experience in the travel related filed like planning of touring & travelling packages, preparing invoices and generating reports, coordinating with concerned departments & customers and knowledge of available travelling procedures, etc.
  • The travelling job specification should mention the needed skills sets for performing at a particular job position like good communication and interpersonal skills, pleasing personality and others.
  • The job specification related to the travelling job profile should also mention about any special skills or educational qualifications which are needed for a particular job profile.

Travel Coordinator Job Specification

Travel Agency Manager Job Specification

Travel Consultant Job Specification