An agriculture engineer focuses on the designing & improvement of the agriculture process, opting for the latest harvesting techniques and planning & implementing new farming programs. Arranging for the basic agriculture fertilizers, beneficial farm pesticide, taking care of sustainability of water & animal wastages and suggesting the highbred seeds are some of the important job responsibilities of an agriculture engineer. An agriculture engineer should have excellent interpersonal skills, organizational abilities and experience of handling the technical equipments. Therefore, an agriculture engineer plays an essential role in the growth of an agriculture firm.

Agriculture Engineer Job Specifications:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with the different departments to improve the quality of the farm products and for enhancing the production level.
  • Ability to supervise the current harvesting & farming procedures and sensing, calculating and measuring the temperature & humidity to suggest the right time for getting the expected fertilization level.
  • Knowledge of investigating the requirements of the crops such as insect control, judging the animal diseases and tillage, etc.
  • Good leadership skills to handle the agriculture technical team and ability to educate them by conducting the small educational & scientific agriculture programs.
  • Experience of handling important agriculture procedures, equipments, machinery and tools, etc.
  • Preparing the essential records of purchased instruments, apparatus & machines and writing the performance reports of the agriculture team members.
  • Making sufficient arrangements for shelters, clean drinking water supply for the animals, soil & water conversation and controlling the pollution as per the requirement.
  • Having the knowledge of the latest agricultural tools and equipments.