A trainee job specification offers an overview of the concerned job duties and responsibilities and guides the job seeker to apply for the available trainee job. A trainee job specification, as the name suggests, favours the recruitment of fresh trainees by specifying the required experience, demanded skills and abilities to fulfil the job duties in a particular field. However, a trainee job specification can be varied as per the available trainee vacancies.

Types of trainee job specifications:

  • HR trainee job specification
  • Enterprise management trainee job specification
  • Broker trainee job specification
  • Accountant trainee job specification, etc

Following mentioned points must be considered for drafting an exceptional trainee job specification:

  • Figure out the needed factors by evaluating the concerned trainee job designation to create a desired trainee job specification.
  • Give the details of  the required trainee experience such as basic knowledge of the particular field, practice of fast analytical & calculation programs and documentation and understanding of quality assurance programs, etc
  • State the needed skills required for the job profile like good learning skills, good interpersonal skills, ability to work under stressful situations and others.
  • The trainee job specification should also mention about minimum educational qualifications needed for the job profile.

Marketing Trainee Job Specification

Sales Trainee Job Specification

HR Trainee Job Specification