Equity Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions

The job of the Equity Analyst is to use his financial expertise to do brief analysis on the particular companies, traded on stock exchanges, of both domestic and global sectors. The work includes writing analysis report and calculating the financial ratios. The job also needs analysts to review and interpret balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements on traded domestic and global companies. He must keenly keep track of the developments of his particular interest of companies, and provide timely information for all the related stakeholders and also give suggestions for the buying, selling or holding the equities.  The job requires analyst to work in coordination with other team members and must be willing to take guidance from them, if required.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyzing the trading of particular companies on stock exchanges and writing frequently on the findings of the same.
  • Maintaining an extensive coverage list of companies and keep track of all the developments on those companies.
  • Reviewing and interpreting cash flow statements, income statements, and balance sheets on publicly traded domestic and foreign companies.
  • Calculating financial ratios and performing exchange rate calculations.
  • Making sell, buy, or hold suggestions
  • Visiting corporate headquarters, communicating with customers and speaking with employees.
  • Working in coordination with other team members and paying careful attention to all the latest developments.
  • Reading industry journals, newspapers, magazines, and online resources to cover the companies.

Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent research and financial analysis skills.
  • Diverse business and global economic knowledge is essential
  • Strong analytical, written and communications skills
  • Able to work against perpetual deadlines
  • Proficiency with computers and its technologies.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, international finance, financial management, or mathematics.
  • Master’s degree in business administration, financial management, or MBA.
  • Practical Experience of 2-4 years in the same field is highly preferred.