Historic Site Administrator Job Profile and Description

The Historic Site Administrator is takes on the task of preserving and protecting existing buildings, structures and locations which could be entire towns that have historic or cultural significance to the country’s heritage.  These sites are often classified by a historic commission or by the UNESCO as protected history sites.

Much like administering a museum, the Historic Site Administrator works with the academe, civic associations, NGOs and government commissions in raising funds, administering grants and launching commemorative events as well as overseeing and controlling public tours to these historic sites.

Historic Site Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Source the funding and oversee the restoration, preservation and protection of surviving buildings, ruins, and other historic sites as may be declared as such by government historic commissions and UNESCO.
  • Confer with noted historians, archeologists and anthropologists in evaluating and confirming the historicity and cultural value of old extant buildings, structures and ruins.
  • Implement the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized entry, theft and vandalism in historic sites.
  • Contract creative agencies in the development of memorial program brochures, web sites and information materials promoting the historic sites.
  • Manage and supervise daily administration work in assigned historic sites.
  • Source and apply for grants in the maintenance and preservation of historic sites.

Historic Site Administrator Skills and Specifications

  • Strong interpersonal, diplomatic and negotiation skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent computer literacy with strong command of Spreadsheets.

Historic Site Administrator Education and Qualifications

  • A BS degree in history, archeology or any of the social sciences is basic
  • A master’s degree in the antiquities is preferred
  • 5-7 years of experience in related curatorship discipline is an advantage


Historic Site Administrator Salary

The median annual salary of Historic Site Curators and Administrators is in line with that of a museum curator and in 2008 stood at $47,300 with the middle 50% earning between $34,900 and $63,900. The lowest 10% took less than $26,900, and the highest 10% received about $83,300.