Grant Administrator Job Profile and Description

Non profit organizations and foundations, colleges, museums, communities, scientists and charities, to mention some, often get funded with financial grants.  In these grant-receiving firms, Grant Administrators are employed to ensure that the grants are properly utilized in accordance with the conditions and responsibilities associated with the grants.  They coordinate with their counterpart Grant Administrators in the issuing organization to comply with documentary and disbursement requirements.

Grant Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Submit grant application or renewals to the right organization offering grants for the relevant field (research, charity, community work, etc.)
  • Prepare and submit all documentary, budgetary and financial requirements as well as meet with issuing organization for any clarification or justification in the application.
  • Submit the budget details on how the grant will be utilized.
  • Maintain and update record on disbursement of funds and ensure all payment receipts are secured.
  • Coordinate with project managers to ensure compliance with grant guidelines and effect changes as required.
  • Educate project team members on the conditions of the grant

Grant Administrator Skills and Specifications

  • Strong interpersonal, diplomatic and negotiation skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent computer literacy with strong command of Spreadsheets.

Grant Administrator Education and Qualifications

  • A BS degree in any field is required and a post-graduate certificated study in grant management from the national Grants Management Association (NGMA), taking one of three tracks – federal, pass through and recipient tracks.
  • 2-4 years of experience in related discipline (charity, healthcare, research, etc) is an advantage and can substitute for college degree.


Grant Administrator Salary

The salary of a Grant Administrator on the recipient site varies according to the organization and location and is typically proportionate to the amount of grants being received and managed.  In academes, a Grant Administrator can earn from $37,000 to $42,000 annually.  In medical research, the position can command from $49,000 to $75,000 annually.