Market Research Executive Job Profile and Description

Every company has a market research department. Then, what is this market research? Take an example of a consumer good company, which is planning to lunch a new shampoo. Before formulating and lunching the shampoo, that company needs to do some kind of market research to know, actually what the people are requiring from a shampoo, what should be the price range of the shampoo or what should be the marketing strategy. All these things will become clear after doing an extensive market research and that is the onus of the market research department of the company. There are some exclusive market research companies are also present there. They do market research for other companies.

Market Research Executive Duties and Responsibilities

  • The responsibility of a market research executive is to find out the answers of some certain questions by analyzing various data available to him or her.
  • He or she also has the responsibility to collect the data from various sources, which will be later used in the analyzing purpose.

Market Research Executive Skills and Specifications

  • A marketing research executive should possess the ability to analyze various data, in order to find out the answers of some intriguing questions.
  • He or she should possess the skills to conduct surveys and prepare questionnaires.

Market Research Executive Education and Qualification

  • You should at least possess a bachelor’s degree, in order to get a marketing research executive job.
  • If you have a master’s degree in business administration, then you could get this job little easily.

Market Research Executive Job Salary

  • The salary depends upon your experience; if you are going to do the job for the first time, then you should not expect a great salary.
  • The salary range is $2000-$5000.