Marketing Account Executive Job Profile and Description

The marketing section of any company is the next biggest section to the manufacturing section. As the marketing section is a big section, so its account is. The account of the marketing section is maintained separately as it has to be maintained very neatly and cleanly. There are several marketing account executive in the marketing account section, who works under the supervision of the marketing account manager. The whole section works for a single objective and that is to keep the marketing account neat and impeccable.

Marketing Account Executive Duties and Responsibilities

  • As described in the above paragraph, the main responsibility of a marketing account executive is to keep the marketing account flawless.
  • There are several marketing account executives in the marketing account section and each of them handles a specific portion of the marketing account as the marketing account is a huge one.
  • The marketing section has to submit the marketing account to the main account section of the company quarterly, that means once in every 3 months.

Marketing Account Executive Skills and Specification

  • If you want to be a marketing account executive, then you should have the skills to manage an account.
  • You should have skills in accounting software’s like Tally, as most of the today’s companies are keeping their account in digital format.

Marketing Account Executive Education and Qualification

  • If you have a chartered accountant degree, then you are the best suited person for this job.
  • If you have a bachelor’s degree in commerce, then you can also go for this job.

Marketing Account Executive Job salary

  • In this job, you will get a salary according to your qualification and skills.
  • The usual salary range of this job is $2000 to $5000.