Marketing Assistant Job Profile and Description

A Marketing assistant’s job entails assisting and implementing all marketing strategies by developing various elements essential for the growth of a company. They mainly focus in planning and market research to develop their marketing strategies. A marketing assistant generally works under Marketing Manager and carries out several tasks to facilitate campaign drives for the company. Marketing assistant role is to support and manage the business efficiently.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Completing sales-related and marketing administrative projects that include running marketing and sales reports, conducting research on company and other assignments in database.
  • Providing assistance in terms of logistics to events like seminars and trade shows
  • Assisting in writing and editing sales and marketing materials, which include articles, presentations, white papers, and collateral.
  • Providing assistance in creating and enhancing the campaign list.
  • Maintaining project tracking spread sheets and business line marketing calendars.
  • Providing administrative aid for various projects related to market, which includes project meetings schedule, minutes of meeting, transcribe notes and compose memos.
  • Developing media packs as well as conducting conferences and trade shows.
  • Serving as liaison between advertising agencies and the company, print suppliers, freelance talent, and various marketing services.
  • Preparing press releases, company newsletter and event announcements.
  • Updating company headlines and news in the corporate website.
  • Assisting in promotional strategies and product development.
  • Preparing invitations, event agenda, track payments or refunds and registration forms for events.
  • Providing personal and administrative support to directors. The support includes running errands, coordinating travel arranging, prepare appointments and agendas.
  • Generating trade show passes, thank you letters, form letters for mailing mass brochures to the company prospective customers.
  • Managing marketing and media event budgets and arranging preparatory meetings for trade shows and seminars.
  • Coordinating catered events for client visits and staff events along with dinners, beach, parties, luncheons, happy hours, picnics, and cubs.
  • Validating and fulfilling request for information and marketing, tracking mails and requests.

Skills and Specifications

  • Possess skills in project management.
  • Knowledge of marketing principles.
  • Understand new technologies and applying to marketing principles.
  • Excellent copyright skills and able to rework on technical aspects for a broad range of audience.
  • Effective presentation skills and acquire market information and answer to questions from team of managers, members, clients and public.
  • Capable of writing reports, procedures and business correspondence.
  • Ability to work individually and self-driven projects.
  • Effective performance equivalent to all levels of employees.
  • Demonstrate ability to solve problems, analyze systems and data and suggest appropriate solutions.
  • Well built skills in organization, prioritization and time management.
  • Should have product awareness and customer.
  • Work under stress to meet project deadlines and minute attention to detail.
  • Attention to every information and accuracy in performance.
  • Highly self-motivated individual.

Education and Qualification

  • Associate’s degree in business administration or marketing.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing.
  • Diploma from an accredited university.