Marketing Coordinator Job Profile and Description

A Marketing Coordinator’s job entails managing a wide range of marketing processes and projects. Marketing coordinator interacts with sales, product development, and customer service departments to ensure that the collateral and other communications reflect brand of the company accurately. Individuals working as a marketing coordinator perform a range of administrative and marketing support duties related to the daily operations of the marketing department.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting Marketing Manager in coordinating various integrated communication and marketing activities.
  • Interfacing with counterparts and building up relationships with them at marketing suppliers.
  • Coordinating in production of a wide range of marketing communications.
  • Developing and maintaining sales proposals and collateral, desktop publishing, rate cards, newsletters, brochures, and many other materials related to marketing.
  • Supervising the production or implementation of marketing materials.
  • Executing a wide variety of details that involve direct mail, email broadcast campaigns, outbound calls, marketing trade shows and events, public relations, customer communications, media advertisements, promotions, and other marketing plans.
  • Tracking campaigns, preparing performance analysis reports of post campaign and making recommendations to concurrent programs for corrective modifications.
  • Maintaining communication open lines with all organizations and providing prompt answers to requests in order to determine how to convey concise, clear, and timely selective information.
  • Developing standardize presentations, sales scripts, proposals.
  • Writing and maintaining content and providing monthly updates to company website.
  • Producing quarterly newsletter and distributing it to email marketing list of company.
  • Assisting in writing, tracking and delivery of press releases.
  • Providing product positioning materials as well as training for customer service and sales.
  • Implementing project management system for documenting and tracking activities.
  • Supporting channel collaborates with collateral, sales training and best practices.
  • Attending tradeshows, company sponsored promotions and events, city tours.
  • Monitoring online blogs for tracking communications related to the brand of a company.
  • Building a lead scoring system for evaluating lead qualify and quality opportunities.
  • Developing lead generation plans with targets, measures, and objectives.
  • Working with customers in developing case studies, references, and testimonials.
  • Executing and analyzing results of advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Skills and Specifications

  • Computer proficiency with Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Front Page skills required.
  • Ability to operate under solid pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • Excellent Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook skills.
  • Effective project management skills.
  • Sound understanding of marketing principles.
  • Effective understanding of latest technologies and should identify how to apply them in marketing.
  • Excellent copywriting skills and should be able to rework technical content for a wider audience.
  • Good team player and should meet or exceed team goals.
  • Plan decisions and practice good judgment.
  • Build excellent working relationship to attain goals.
  • Work collaboratively and efficaciously as a team member.
  • Be self-motivated, confident, energetic, and creative.
  • Effectively communicate and make best use of interpersonal skills.
  • Should be able to deliver creative and innovative thoughts.
  • Communicate excellently in verbal and in writing with all kinds of people.

Education and Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or organizational development.
  • Degree in sales administrative or marketing related field.
  • Degree from an accredited institution.