Marketing Career Description

All products and services, whether for industrial or consumer use, require people who engage in marketing them.  Marketing is not just selling’ the function creates and sustains market demands so that selling can proceed.  Then there’s also marketing after the sales, called post-sale marketing meant as damage control to recover dissatisfied customers or recover lost markets.

Hence, a career in marketing encompasses various careers, each focused on the an aspect of the marketing process from creating demand and recovering lost demand. A marketing career covers jobs that handle the 5 P’s in marketing.

  • Product   Whether tangible products or intangible services, you can be a product development officer which interfaces with the people who manufacture the product or perform the service (like airlines) to make sure they have the features and attractive packaging the market is willing to pay for. Brand managers fall here.
  • Price This is the in pricing an tariff development function which ensures that while the product is priced within what the target markets can afford, it can also provide reasonable returns for the company.
  • Pipeline This is your distribution channel and you have career jobs that ensure the product gets through these channels to reach intended markets.  Your circulation manager in publications, e-commerce webmasters for online distribution, travel agency management for airlines, agents and brokers in insurance products, these are all concerned in distributing product
  • Promotion This is your advertising and promotional career jobs that create brand awareness and visibility reach to create demand for the product or service.
  • People This is your sales agents, customer relationship officers, market researchers and analysts, and just about anyone who performs the entire marketing and selling processes.