Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

Marketing Manager’s job involves developing, establishing and maintaining marketing strategies to achieve the objectives of an organization. Their key role is to manage effectively the advertising, promotional and marketing activities of the company. Marketing manager evaluates market conditions, customer research, competitor data and implements the changes in marketing plan as required.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Developing price strategies upon balancing customer satisfaction and firm objectives.
  • Evaluating financial aspects of product development like expenditures, budget, return-on investment and profit-loss projections, and developing and research appropriations.
  • Indentifying, developing, evaluating marketing strategic plans, based on knowledge of organizational objectives, cost and markup factors and market characteristics.
  • Formulating, directing and coordinating marketing policies and activities to promote services and products, working with promotion and advertising managers.
  • Negotiating contracts with distributors and vendors in managing product distribution, developing distribution strategies and setting up distribution networks.
  • Directing the training, hiring and performance evaluation programs of sales and marketing staff and supervise their day-to-day activities.
  • Consulting product development department on product specifications like design, packaging, color.
  • Using sales strategic planning and forecasting to ensure profitability and sale of lines, products, or services, supervising market trends and analyzing business developments.
  • Compiling lists that describe service or product offerings.
  • Selecting accessories and products to display at special production or trade shows.
  • Coordinating and participating in trade shows and promotional activities, working with production mangers, advertisers, and developers to market company services and products.
  • Conferring legal staff for resolving problems, such as royalty sharing and copyright infringement with outside distributors and producers.
  • Supporting business and other units by advising on international, national, and local factors that affect the purchasing and selling of services and products.
  • Consulting purchasing personnel to gain proposal with regard to the expected types of services and products that are in demand.
  • Initiating market research cases and analyzing their findings.
  • Conducting commercial and economic surveys to identify prospective markets for services and products.

Skills and Specifications

  • Extensive knowledge in every aspect of marketing strategies to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Strong understanding of market dynamics, customer and requirements.
  • Willingness to travel anytime and operate in a team of professionals.
  • Proven ability to create, develop, and implement strategic programs and tactics.
  • Superior oral, writing communication skills with highly acquired interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to grasp complex technical concepts quickly.
  • Flexible and ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple tasks at single instance within compressed times.
  • Innovative, stress tolerance, decision-making skills.
  • Proven knowledge in market and customer research

Education and Qualification

  • Degree in marketing or business related field from an accredited university.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing related field from an accredited institution.