Marketing Executive Job Profile and Description

A Marketing Executive’s job entails promoting brands, services, products and companies. These executives convince people to acquire their products or services and ensure that business functions smoothly. Marketing executives involve in all aspects of marketing that includes advertising, sponsorship, planning, public or media relations, distribution, promotion, research, and product development. Marketing executive responsibilities may vary and depends on size of the sector and organization. Developing crucial strategies for the market is a vital role of the marketing executives. Marketing executives are also known as coordinators or marketing assistants.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Developing opportunities for advertising that involves advertising in regional, national, and specialist publications.
  • Building strong relationships with a wide range of stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, colleagues etc.
  • Managing marketing materials production, include leaflets, flyers and posters. This involves proofreading and writing, liaising with printers and designers.
  • Arranging effective marketing materials distribution.
  • Implementing marketing research, brand awareness, customer surveys, and analyze demands of the customers.
  • Securing sponsorship and assisting in publicity and marketing plans and strategies.
  • Analyzing product and market pricings.
  • Developing, contributing to, long-term marketing plans, and strategies.
  • Building up and maintaining contacts with media.
  • Writing and distributing the press releases.
  • Maintaining and updating mail database and measuring marketing campaigns.
  • Supervising the activities of a company competitor.
  • Assisting in delivering of approved marketing strategies.
  • Managing and implementing distribution of the product.
  • Coordinating with and reporting to managers in carrying out campaigns.
  • Attending and organizing exhibitions, sales and promotional events.
  • Acting as liaison between the suppliers, media and clients.
  • Arranging and monitoring promotional materials distributional activities.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should be aware of financial, and markets implications.
  • Excellent knowledge in their current organization and previous product lines.
  • Identify segments in the market, potential markets, and niches.
  • Immense knowledge in competitor’s products and services.
  • Good knowledge of marketing strategies and principles.
  • Quick understanding of new technologies and implement them in marketing.
  • Effective copywriting skills. Capable enough to redraft technical text for a broader and all kinds of audience.
  • Active team player and should communicate well to the entire team by interacting enthusiastically and motivated manner.
  • Ability in implementing strategies and user or adapt tactfulness.
  • Capability to think out of box and should be very creative.
  • Ability to formulate strategies and plan.
  • Capable to adjust and work with various teams.
  • Efficient organizational skills and excellent project management skills.
  • Capable to work under high pressure and reach deadlines.
  • Confident and effective in decision-making.
  • Ability in managing the budget for the campaign.
  • Positive attitude with great innovative and creativity skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • Diploma from an accredited university.
  • Degree in business, marketing, economics, computing, or mathematics.
  • MBA from an accredited institution.