Marketing Trainee Career Description

A marketing trainee is an entry level job in the field of marketing. Candidates who have just completed their masters in marketing management are assigned the role of a marketing trainee so that they can understand the job responsibilities and get trained in the industry expectations. A marketing trainee is assigned a role in any department of marketing like sales, advertising, business development, customer relationship department, etc. During the initial months of training, the marketing trainee gets familiar with the activities of the firms, organizational politics, and gets knowledge of what is expected of him. They work under marketing supervisors and assist them in building the brand image of the firm through various marketing activities.

Marketing Trainee Job Career Description

  • A marketing trainee after stepping in the field of marketing gets acquainted with various marketing terminologies, and tries to combine the theoretical knowledge learnt in class with the practical exposure gained.
  • Among the various entry level positions, few responsibilities include undertaking market research to find the demand or customer expectations in the market, conducting sales of products of the organization, business development, making cold calls to clients, developing a database of current and prospective customers, etc.
  • Some other job responsibilities of marketing trainees can be to work with the public relation department and conduct various marketing activities including events, shows, etc.

Marketing Trainee Career Salary

Students who have pursued their marketing programs or are in their middle of their marketing management education can become marketing trainees. Popular industries that recruit marketing trainees are marketing firms, advertising firms, media management firms, Information Technology (IT) services, financial services, publishing, marketing communications, etc. Prior work experience is not necessary but will be preferred. According to the salary estimates by the National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a marketing trainee can lie anywhere between $21,000 and $44,000 with the median salary being $32,000 per year.