Transportation manager Career Description

A transportation manager is responsible for taking care of the activities related to transportation like shipping, procurement, routing, vehicle tracking, etc. The transportation manager is assigned a team of people that can comprise of vehicles drivers, shipping supervisors, procurement personnel, etc. Transportation of materials is one of the crucial activities in the whole supply chain of an organization. Candidates who want to become transportation managers should preferably have master in business management in the operations stream. This is not mandatory. However a few years of job experience can be very valuable to understand the job requirements and job expectations. The transportation manager should possess some other skills like good coordination skills, interpersonal skills, and analytical skills to weigh the costs and benefits of transportation through alternative vehicles.

Transportation manager Job Career Description

  • A transportation manager is assigned the role of undertaking and supervising various aspects of transportation to ensure that the materials reach on time and as per the invoice details like quality and quantity.
  • A transportation manager should know the safety procedures that apply while carrying the materials like safe packaging; avoid spills and thefts, etc.
  • A transportation manager should track various vehicles and ensure shipping has taken place within schedule, and payment is done appropriately.
  • Ensuring that all the staff in the transportation department has job satisfaction and they are compensated well while also penalising them on stolen or lost materials is included in the responsibilities of a transportation manager.

Transportation manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become transportation managers can find many job opportunities if they have the relevant education and experience. Top sectors that have job openings for the role of a transportation manager are transportation, shipping, warehousing, logistics, distribution, third party logistics, retail, wholesale distribution, food service firms, etc. Candidates should have a minimum work experience in this field for about 5-9 years. The salary of a transportation manager is in the range $35,000 to $89,000 with the median salary being $60,000 per year. These are the salary estimated projected by Pay Scale and released after extensive research through the National Salary data.