Travel Agency Manager Career Description

A travel agency manager supervises all travel activities ranging from booking, arranging vehicles, facilitating the passengers for pick and drop, and hiring drivers and guides to provide a good travel experience to all its customers. There is no definite and mandatory educational qualification to become a travel agency manager. However all travel related information and a few years of experience in the field can be very useful to enhance the candidature of the applicant. The travel agency manager should also be able to communicate all details related to the travel to the passengers well in advance. Key changes in timings, vehicle changes, etc should be known to passengers beforehand so that they can plan accordingly.

Travel Agency Manager Job Career Description

  • A travel agency manager should devise plans for trips to different places and different timings and price these packages according to their costs and expected profit.
  • A travel agency manager should hire vehicle drivers, hire or buy vehicles, and employ travel guides to undertake various travel trips.
  • A travel agency manager should ensure easy accessibility for booking and cancelling tickets and manage a 24*7 customer care service.
  • The overall aim of a travel agency manager should be to ensure customer satisfaction and work for the growth of the travel agency firm.
  • A travel agency manager should also manage the accommodation and food of the travellers and personnel on the journey.

Travel Agency Manager Career Salary

Candidates who wish to become travel agency manager can find many openings in sectors like travel arrangement and reservation services, research and development, biotechnology, tour operators, business travel services, etc. Most of the travel agency managers in the United States have about 10 years or more of work experience. There is no mandatory education requirement though. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released through Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a travel agency manager ranges from $23,000 to $70,000 with the median salary being $48,000 per year.