Transportation Engineer Career Description

A transportation engineer is a professional who designs blueprints for new projects, makes an estimation about the area, facilities, traffic reduction, etc while undertaking a construction project. He designs the whole project by drawing a rough sketch of the construction area and assessing the kind of man, machinery for completing the project. He also estimates the time duration needed for the project given the people and technology involved. A transportation engineer makes a rough sketch of the ways in which the traffic will be diverted while the construction is being progressed. Candidates who want to become transportation engineers should possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering along with knowledge in CAD techniques.

Transportation Engineer Job Career Description

  • A transportation engineer is a key technical resource that is employed before undertaking a construction project for planning and estimating resources like people, machinery, time, money, etc.
  • A transportation engineer coordinates with other transportation professionals like transportation supervisors and transportation managers for building consensus on how to go about building the project, approvals needed, and responsibilities to be assigned.
  • A transportation engineer is dexterous at making sketches, drawing blueprints, and preparing reports that are related as part of the construction project.
  • He also should know the current traffic and estimates the reduction of traffic that is happen as a result of taking up the project, hence estimating the costs and benefits.

Transportation Engineer Career Salary

Candidates who want to become transportation engineers can find many opportunities if they possess qualification in civil engineering. Employers also expect candidates to have a minimum of 1-4 years of experience. Few sectors that always have demand for good transportation engineers are engineering consulting, transportation, government, consultancy firms, transportation industry consultancy solutions, etc. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a transportation engineer is in the range $47,000 and $86,000 and the median salary is about $65,000 per year.