Transportation supervisor Career Description

A transportation supervisor looks after the progress of a construction project and makes useful modifications with consultation from transportation engineers and transportation managers. They supervise if the workers at the construction site are working properly according to the plans and if the intended effect of the project is as previously thought. Candidates who want to become transportation supervisors should have the knowledge of the field of transportation and ability to handle heavy tools and equipments that are used in the construction area. Apart from this knowledge, the candidate should also know how to guide the workers to lay the construction and manage the assigned budget in the most optimal manner.

Transportation supervisor Job Career Description

  • A transportation supervisor make a priority list of the different tasks that are to be assigned to different professionals so that the project can be carried out without any hurdles and in the least possible time with the allocated budget.
  • A transportation supervisor assigns smaller deadlines to the people so that the project is well on track for completion in the assigned schedule.
  • A transportation supervisor oversees the quality of work done by the workers so that necessary changes in material and reallocation of tasks can be undertaken.
  • He should also submit periodic reports to transportation managers to intimate them on the progress of the project.

Transportation supervisor Career Salary

Candidates whose goal is to become transportation supervisor can find many opportunities to work in this position particularly in sectors like transportation, shipping, warehousing, logistics, distribution, education, food service, etc. Employers prefer candidates who have about 5-6 years of minimum work experience in the transportation sector. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a transportation supervisor is in the range $30,000 to $66,000 with the median salary being $46,000 approximately.