Travel Consultant Career Description

Travel Consultants are the middlemen between travel agencies and passengers who want to opt for a travel package. They buy travel packages in bulk from the leading travel agencies and sell them to clients who approach them for getting suggestions on travel and buy packages from them. So the income of travel consultants results from the difference in their buying and selling price, which is the profit from the packages. Most of the travel consultants are neutral in suggesting travel packages and give useful information about the available trips and tours within the dates as applicable to the client and books the package of the behalf of the client. Candidates who want to become travel consultants can manage to get this position with a graduation in any field but with experience of working in the field of travel consultancy.

Travel Consultant Job Career Description

  • A travel consultant has to work for marketing the travel packages of leading tours and travel agencies. They are assigned specific targets to achieve every month and their income depends upon number of tour packages successfully sold.
  • A travel consultant understands the itinerary of the client and fits an appropriate travel plan for it. With the order of the client, he also books the travel and charges the travel amount from them.
  • A travel consultant should build a database of the tour packages available and make booking arrangements online. The database should be integrated with the database being maintained by the tour and travel agency, otherwise there will be discrepancies leading to customer complaints and customer dissatisfaction.

Travel Consultant Career Salary

Candidates whose goal is to become travel consultants can find many job opportunities if they have the relevant experience. A work experience of 10-15 years is preferred for the role of a travel consultant. There is no formal education requirement. However possessing Bachelor’s degree or master degree in any stream is valuable. According to the salary estimates by the National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a travel consultant can vary from $24,000 to $50,000 per year with the median salary being about $37,000 per year.