Warehouse Manager Career Description

A warehouse manager is assigned the responsibility of managing the storing, packaging, procurement and shipping of the materials in a warehouse. Candidates who want to become warehouse managers should have a master in business administration in the field of operations. The candidate should also be able to supervise the activities inside a warehouse. He should hire able warehouse professionals like warehouse workers, warehouse assistants, and warehouse supervisors among others and assign them different responsibilities that fall in their domain. The warehouse manager should also build relationships with different suppliers who can ensure material distribution at the appropriate time duration. A warehouse manager should manage transportation facilities so that the materials can be take out and sent to different distributors and retail stores for sale.

Warehouse Manager Job Career Description

  • A warehouse manager should arrange the inventory inside the warehouse in proper stacks so that stocking in and removing can be made easy. There should also be availability of different equipments for removal and storing inventory.
  • A warehouse manager should make invoices of the procurement materials and shipped out inventory and collect or make payments as appropriate.
  • A warehouse manager should maintain a database of the cheapest suppliers and transportation alternatives so that the cost of the warehouse management can be reduced.
  • A warehouse manager should train the warehouse personnel to employ best techniques to maintain the inventory so avoid spillage, damage, or breakages.

Warehouse Manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become warehouse manager can find many opportunities if they possess the relevant education and experience. Popular industries that recruit warehouse managers are retail, wholesale distribution, shipping, transportation, warehousing, logistics, distribution, manufacturing and distribution, food manufacturing, food service, etc. Candidates who have a minimum of 4-5 years of experience will be preferred for the role of a warehouse manager. Candidates should also have educational background in logistics, supply chain management, or related fields. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a warehouse manager lies between $27,000 and $64,000 with the median hovering around $44,000 per year.