Office Manager Job Profile and Description

An office manager performs a crucial role in any institution. The word management connotes a long list of functions that are indeed indispensable in an office. The managerial function is very essential in maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of the office operations. The role of an office manager may vary depending on the kind of institution he works for. However, there are some key responsibilities that an office manager will have regardless of the nature of work.

Duties and Responsibilities

Here are some of the essential roles of an office manager:

  • Formulate plans for the activities of the unit. An office manager must be good in reviewing the current situation and assessing potential problems.
  • Develop a mission and goal for the office and ensure that the activities of the unit are directed towards this goal.
  • Supervise the budget plan for the office for easier financial management.
  • Evaluate the financial situation of the office and discover the root of financial slip-offs.
  • Create policies and procedures to create a smooth work situation.
  • Update office policies and procedures to make sure that they are applicable in the current office situation.
  • Participate in staff recruitment and ensure the competency of those who are accepted.
  • Design training modules for new employees that will make them more equipped to work in the unit.
  • Introduce new employees to the policies, procedures and other regulations of the work place.
  • Design skills enhancement and other refresher programs for its current employees.
  • Mediate between office-related issues and other work disputes.
  • Direct the activities of various sectors of the office.
  • Supervise the quality of work of subordinates and employees.
  • Serve as a line of communication from the employees to the upper management.
  • Create a work schedule that will maximize employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Conduct regular evaluation of staff performance and perform adequate interventions to discovered problems.
  • Maintain accurate records of all office-related work.
  • Maintain good communication line and relationship with customers.
  • Entertain clients’ inquiries, suggestions and complaints.
  • Coordinate with other offices in performing tasks that are no longer within the scope of their institution.