Operations Administrator Career Description

An operations administrator is primarily responsible to oversee all operations in various departments of the firm. He or she has to look after the procurement of raw materials, production of the product, machine maintenance, and distribution of the finished goods to various stores and retail shops. An operations administrator is needed in many businesses dealing with manufacturing products or where the supply chain is important to increase the profitability of the business. Apart from the operations, an operations administrator also takes care of employee concerns, wages, and benefits. Occasionally an operations administrator also has to conduct talks with the other departments of the firm for improving control measures and enhancing the effectiveness of the production department.

Operations Administrator Job Career Description

  • An operations administrator has to supervise the execution of the operations department by providing all administrative facilities of the organization.
  • A candidate who wants to become an operations administrator should be good at understanding the supply chain and logistics of the firm so that it can be managed well.
  • Providing training to the employees, handling the union concerns regarding employment and wages, and dealing with suppliers and customers are included in the responsibilities of an operations administrator.
  • Coordinating with departments like finance, marketing, HR, etc to plan and devise strategies for costing, advertising, etc for churning out the inventory are also important functions of an operations administrator.

Operations Administrator Career Salary

A candidate who wants to become an operations administrator can find opportunities in the health care, financial services, banking, insurance, and manufacturing and distribution sectors among others. A work experience of at least 2-3 years can make it easier for the applicant to become an operations administrator. Pay Scale has conducted salary estimates for operations administrator in the US. According to the results of that study, the annual compensation of an operations administrator is between $44,000 and $115,000. The median salary is about $80,000 per year.