Operations Analyst Job Profile and Description

An operations analyst is the one responsible for the implementation of solution and operations design to ensure that the organization’s operational and strategic objectives are met on relevant projects. An operations analyst needs to focus on execution to ensure that the company goals and objectives together with operations performance targets are achieved. The operations analyst is also responsible for working with business and technology concerns to maximize product and operational improvements. The operations analyst has the responsibility to conform to the company’s goals with an independent determination and course of action.

Duties and Responsibilities

An operations analyst has these duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensure proper prices and files are applied on an accurate time basis.
  • Identify improvements on the workflow or system and collaborate with the operations team and supervisor to implement the necessary changes.
  • Perform electronic resolutions of the work systems for record keeping.
  • Responsible for creating and verifying performance files of the clients.
  • Identify factors that can gauge strategic and operational achievements related to revenue generation projects and consequently communicate the achievements through internal and external means.
  • Develop a standard process for evaluation of the impact of an operation’s potential query and the consequent communication of result.
  • Define a product’s position in a market and understand the market environment in which a product competes in terms of benefits and features that can be used for future product or services.
  • Maintain the understanding and awareness of the customers on a particular product and do recommendations for future modifications and addition of features to a new product.
  • Establish control on the system in order to make sure that operational performance and service level are being met in accordance with a set cost and budgeting expectations.
  • Take responsibility for a kind of customer service that is consistent, accurate and professionally done in keeping with projected company policies and image.
  • Provide fast and efficient response to business needs with the highest achievable result at the lowest cost to the company.
  • Support the company values and product opportunities.
  • Perform other related tasks and responsibilities as assigned to him by his superior.