Operations Assistant Job Profile and Description

The job of an operations assistant usually requires him to work under the direct supervision of a Chief Operations Officer or COO. The operations assistant will have the duty to assist the chief officer with every administrative duty assigned to the executive. He is also expected to do research and compile business-related information assigned to him by the chief executive officer. The operations assistant may be assigned by his executive officer to perform work to relieve other members of the management team. An operations assistant must be highly motivated and organized to be able to perform his job within a company who hired him well. Furthermore, he is expected to contribute to the daily tasks that are contributing to the general efficiency of the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the obligations and responsibilities of an operations assistant are:

  • Contribute in increasing team efficiency by giving support both operationally and administratively. This may include lowly clerical tasks, transportation of company records and needed supplies, reception back up and other courier duties.
  • Make innovations for the creation of company procedures and policies as a means for improving company practice, work and organizational structure. The operations assistant may also be tasked with keeping copies of company policies and procedures.
  • Provide assistance and coordination regarding company meetings and events. This task may include some or all of the following; scheduling, invitation, reservation and preparation of guest accommodations and the distribution and preparation of meetings.
  • Upon the direction of the chief executive officer, the operations assistant may have to create standard operating procedures and establish spreadsheets and databases for the company.
  • Provide assistance in packing and shipping of company correspondence and materials to both domestic and international destinations.
  • Prioritize the chief operations officer’s correspondence and phone communications to facilitate processing of items for signing or action by the COO.
  • Provide summary of postage expenses to the company’s finance department or related assigned agency handling business expenses within the company.
  • Must always be on hand and ready to perform additional related tasks assigned to him in his capacity as an operations analyst by his superior officer.