Product Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

The Product Marketing Manager’s job entails providing business line support for planning marketing program, channel support, and sales support. Most product marketing managers report to Product Management Director. Product Marketing Manager interacts with sales, product development, customer service, to ensure that the marketing collateral accurately reflects benefits and features from every user perspective and persona. A Product Marketing Manager is responsible to define and deliver a product-marketing plan that combines an in-depth understanding of the market, competitive and consumer for a group of products.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Developing Market Requirements Document for creating Product Business Case.
  • Working with the Product Manager to determine customer or user requirements and persona.
  • Providing product positioning training and materials for sales department and customer service.
  • Identifying opportunities for lead generation and creating marketing collateral like case studies, data sheets, whitepapers, FAQ, feature or benefit sheets and so on.
  • Tracking customer care, dashboard, metrics, consumer feedback, customer satisfaction to measure performance and employment of existing and new functionalities and features.
  • Developing standardized sales presentations, proposals, scripts, etc.
  • Developing market specific global problem statements, using business cases, scenarios, sharing recommendations and results with senior managers to facilitate product roadmap definition.
  • Designing and implementing product launches for offline and online channels.
  • Managing city tours, tradeshows, company sponsored promotions and events.
  • Completing competitive analysis and providing insights to Manager.
  • Analyzing and capturing performance metrics of marketing campaign.
  • Working with analysts or journalists to ensure coverage of PR in online and print.
  • Supporting channel partners with sales collateral, best practices, and training.
  • Collaborating cross functionally on competitor pricing, market development, selling and field solutions.

Skills and Specifications

  • Exceptional knowledge of sales, marketing and development processes.
  • Strong leadership, sales support, project management and training skills.
  • Should be able to develop effective relationships and operate with senior level management.
  • Should be an expert in forwarding thinking, market research, and should possess problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to listen to intended details attentively.
  • Excellent analytical and presentation skills including demonstration skills to handle many assignments simultaneously.
  • Efficiently work under pressures, deadlines, and stretch extra hours to complete assigned task.
  • Should have excellent effectual communication skills.
  • Proven knowledge in market and customer research

Education and Qualification

  • Degree in marketing, business or any related field from an accredited university.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or related field from an accredited institution.