Business Development Job Profile and Description:

A business development executive is responsible for new business development, making brand building strategies and identification of potential market segments. He is also in charge of revenue generation through new account development and key account management.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A business development officer works in a team and is responsible for achieving the company‚Äôs sales targets
  • He has to formulate marketing strategies and is responsible for implementing them
  • He has to develop and present relevant business proposals
  • He has to keep track of market intelligence in the industry with respect to market development, projects, competitive activity, customers etc.
  • He has to meet and maintain relations with key clients
  • He has to provide necessary training to the sales team and others as and when required
  • He must monitor and evaluate the performance of sales team and must guide them towards the proper direction of achieving targets
  • He has to enhance organizational effectiveness through setting up appropriate marketing strategies
  • He must consistently track the development of such strategies and their resourcefulness, in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives
  • He is responsible for fair allocation and distribution of inbound leads
  • He assists with the preparation of the sales reports

Skills and Specifications

  • Team work is very important in this line and also there must be good interpersonal skills as the business development officer has to coordinate with different departments
  • He must have good communication and networking skills
  • He should be good with numbers and have good presentation skills
  • He must have an excellent level of technical and selling knowledge in all areas

Education and Qualifications

Those interested in this field need a commerce degree with a background in finance, sales and accounting. One can also go for an MBA.