Production Assistant Job Profile and Description

A production assistant is responsible for various aspects of production in film making and television. The scope of his job is dependent upon the work budget and on the specific production requirements. It is not uncommon for a production assistant is also attached to an individual actors or even film makers. A production assistant has no consistent duties as it can change from day to day. He can do important jobs like creating a movie atmosphere or participating in the film himself as a background actor or assisting in the direction of the hired extras in the set. But he may also do such menial jobs as picking up an extra part for a movie camera that broke down or gathering the left over props and other things after the set has finished shooting. A production assistant has to be able to work at any time of the day or night as his schedule is dictated by the producer or actor that he is attached to. He can even work all day or all night which is normal in film making.

Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a production assistant are:

  • Calling out of rolls and cuts in a set during film shooting.
  • Facilitation of all communications between the various departments working together for a project.
  • Must have flexible hours as his work duties typically can ran from twelve hours to sixteen hours a day and are expected to be the first in last out on a set.
  • Wrangling of backgrounds and talents as well as the distribution of paper works, radios and other equipments needed on the set.
  • Ensuring that no interference occurs in the set or what is term in the film making industry as locking out.
  • Must be able to do interchangeable office or set chores as he can be an office production assistant if an extra hand is needed on a set or a set production assistant if production is off and he is working in the office.
  • Should be able to perform any and all jobs assigned to him by his actor or his producer in his official capacity as a production assistant.