Regional Manager Job Profile and Description

A regional manager’s primary task is to take responsibility, administration and watch over a number of recruitment teams within the region to ensure that every employer under his or her wing will get the right staff. A regional manager spearheads several teams of consultants across a number of consultancies and ensures the proper conduct and welfare of the team. The regional manager is also responsible for the overall supervision of the branch managers as well as the improvement of the company profile by attending to the needs of the customers and make sure that they are satisfied.

Duties and Responsibilities

Here are some of the primary responsibilities of a regional manager:

  • Supervise personnel assigned to the region and manage organizational issues within the company operations.
  • Takes charge of the branch managers and several teams of consultants.
  • Handle public relations and client relationships.
  • Constantly build and improve company image and look for more ways to improve further its promotion.
  • Motivate the branch managers to push harder and excel in their professions.
  • Set up targets and make sure that deadlines are always met by the branch managers.
  • Take responsibility in ensuring that only the best people are being selected to work for the employers the company serves and that all recruiting standards and methods are perfectly met.
  • Play an important role in marketing to bring in more clients for further improvement of sales and production.
  • Supervise and approve the budget allotted for the regional operations.
  • Deliver reports, sales and frequent meetings with good level of competence.
  • Collaborate with the directors, business specialists and management analysts to maximize communication efficiency within the company.
  • Work with managers, business experts and management analysts in dealing with technical aspects of the region.
  • Handle the team in various planning and execution of the operations.
  • Analyze problems and methodical approaches to maximize the efficiency of the operations.
  • Take responsible steps to ensure that officers working in the region have access to business information as to what their powers and obligations are.
  • Take necessary actions for violations and inconsistencies done by the team members under supervision.