Promotions Manager Profile and description

Promotions managers oversee the implementation and conduct of promotions programs that carry the advertising message.  They also work to enhance distribution channels by providing purchasing incentives to promote sales.  These channels are the direct marketing mailers, online retailing, shopping discount coupons, store floor displays, product endorsements, and public events.  Purchasing incentives often include any or a combination of discounts, free samples, tie-ups with other products, promotional gifts, sweepstakes, and contests, to mention the more common ones.

Promotions Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare the annual promotions budget and the corresponding promotional campaigns and distribution plans for management approval.
  • Coordinate with the advertising manager for developing the promotions campaigns in line with the overall advertising thematic directions.
  • Coordinate with the brand management and sales team in staging any promotional campaign.
  • Work closely with the company’s advertising agencies in developing promotional collaterals and giveaways.
  • Approve all promotional collaterals, corporate gifts and giveaways, participation in trade events, staging of product launches and presence of in consumer events where appropriate.


Promotions Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must be able to conceptualize creative ideas in promoting a product or service
  • Must have excellent organizational and managerial skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills in dealing with managements, clients and advertising agencies
  • Excellent verbal and writing communication skills in English.


Promotions Manager Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in Advertising or Mass Communication is a must
  • A 2-3 year experience in public relations, media management, marketing or advertising may be preferred
  • An MBM or MBA as an advantage

Promotions Manager Salary

A median annual salary for advertising and promotions managers in 2008 was recorded at around $80,300.  There’s wide latitude in the salary range from lowest to highest depending on the industry where the business operates, the stakes in the advertisements and the potential market reach.