Retail Responsibilities

Much of the retail business is conducted online which has threatened many of the traditional retail merchant positions.  But that may never happen in the near future as majority of consumers still prefer to do their shopping the traditional way – in malls. So we still have store front windows display artists, sales clerks and sales supervisors as well as store managers, cashiers and accountants.

Retail Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the cashiering systems are in their proper working conditions before the start of the sales operations
  • Provide trending of inventory to identify fast and slow moving items
  • Ensure the stocking levels for fast moving items are adequate to meet  customer demands on a daily basis or hourly basis depending on demand intensity
  • Develop programs in coordination with promotions for supporting slow moving items and recommend innovative ways to package them to enhance their retail appeal.
  • Coordinate with pricing to package discounts structure across inventory during sale periods or to hasten movement of unpopular items.
  • Work with purchasing offices to develop criteria in the selection of brands or labels that have higher chances of meeting customer requirements.
  • Encourage sales floor agents to meet sales quotes or targets for the period.
  • Work with HR or 3rd party consultant to conduct seminars and workshops for retail sales agents.
  • Provide on-the-job store training for new hires in the sales floor
  • Provide regular sales performance reports to higher management.
  • Entertain customer inquiries on products and product demonstrations on the store floor.
  • Manage merchandise returns to ensure they can be sold at discounts or returned to the merchant owner.
  • Coordinate and negotiate with credit and debit card companies for better deals and rates.
  • Assist customers in testing the merchandise and explaining the features