Launching a career in the retail industry can bring you to a number of jobs that are either basic or ancillary to retailing.  Just about all consumer products have retail distribution in malls, boutiques, supermarkets, 24-hour convenience stores, warehouse stores, corner stores, TV shopping and the internet.  There’s also used or second-hand retailing which covers many durable goods like electronics, appliances, clothes, jewelry and furniture, among others.

Main Retailing Jobs

  • The main retail professions are your cashiers, sales clerks or agents, sales supervisors responsible in moving merchandise off the racks into the hands of customers and making sure payment is made.
  • You have customer representatives who are tasked with handling in-store disputes and resolving complaints
  • The retail store security is tasked with controlling shoplifting and is often seen manning close circuit TVs.  The job calls for liaising with local police in apprehending shoplifters.
  • The retail branch manager supervises the sales staff and implements store layout, promotions, displays and administers the retail outlet
  • The purchasing department is often segment on the commodities as not a single person can possibly handle all the purchases in a retail chain.  You have purchasing officers for clothes, toys, foodstuff, etc.

Affiliated or Subordinated Retail Jobs

  • The store merchandising manager designs and implements in-store promotional campaigns, design customized store window displays and packages store items and prices them at inviting discounts
  • Retailing done online or via TV shopping has spawned subordinated retail services for domestic and international courier and shipping services.

Education and Training

Educational requirement can range from a high school diploma for sales clerks and supervisors, purchasing and security officers, to college courses for branch management, marketing and accountants.