Waitress Responsibilities

One of the most labor-intensive jobs in the hospitability industry is the waiter/waitress job in cafes, bistros, diners and restaurants.  While most food chains are open for online home delivery business, there’s no mistake there will always be gastronomic delights in eating out and restaurants are there to fulfill this continuing market need.

Waitress Job Responsibilities

  • Provide service to customers to ensure they get to feel at home in the restaurant with all the amenities defined in the service.
  • Ensure that the day’s menu card contain only the entries that can be supported with the complement of kitchen chef, cooks and ingredients; any inconsistency should be properly marked on the menu so they don’t get ordered.
  • Ensure that all tables are properly cleaned and equipped fro occupancy.
  • Know the entries in the menu for ready explanation of their ingredients and manner of preparation and cooking when asked by the customer.
  • Take customer orders accurately and repeat them for confirmation, making sure they do not order entries that are not available.
  • Strictly speaking, waiters/waitresses are supposed to stand on the side of the table to wait out for orders from dining guests.  But this may not always be practical but at least ensure attentiveness to customer requirements.
  • Always comply with restaurant policies such as wearing of IDs, name plates and the prescribed uniforms
  • Greet frequent guests by their preferred names and escort them to their preferred table location.
  • Provide special treatment on guests celebrating anniversaries, birthdays or other events as may be required.
  • Handle customer complaints judiciously and courteously according to restaurant policies.
  • Ensure that the kitchen staff get the orders right and serve them within standard times.
  • Ensure that the check is paid.