SEO Career Description

The world of internet commerce has made cyberspace a veritable marketing battlefield where online retailers and merchants vie for the eyes of more than 2 billion people with internet access and often ready to do online shopping at any time.  The key is to getting the traffic is having a high visibility in search engines.  Appearing on the first 1 page of any search engine result has become the battlecry for all e-commerce website.  This has created an entire new career devoted to increasing your search engine page ranking – the search engine optimization (SEO) consultant or specialist.

  • The SEO consultant or specialist works with web designers to ensure that their creative web pages are already search optimized at the coding level
  • SEO techniques to improve organic traffic are employed such as using blogs, forums, articles submissions, online ads, online product reviews, etc.
  • SEO can enhance old webpages to bring them up to speed in being search-optimized if website owners want to generate more organic traffic or convert information sites into commercial sites.
  • Provide SEO techniques in brand and online reputation management.


There are no specific educational requirements to be an SEO consultant or specialist as most skills on search engine optimization can be obtained from online courses or on the job as Web designers and developers.  The career often starts out as a web developer with online marketing skills. Afterall, SEO is more an online marketing tool than anything.


Just like most web design and development work that can be done by freelance designer, so does SEO work.  An SEO career choice can land you in creative and advertising agencies as well as specialized Web development and hosting firms.  But it’s not uncommon that these companies train their web page developer to be SEO experts as well. An SEO specialist can earn between $40,000 to $70,000 while a lead SEO consultant can earn up to $100,00 of a medium sized creative agency. A portfolio of website for which you a search optimized can be a clincher to get a job.