Teacher Responsibilities

Considered as one of the noblest professions, a teacher or educator is increasingly getting more relevant today despite many online distance learning schools emerging.  A teacher-pupil relationship remains one of the strongest memories of childhood learning experiences and the position today has diversified to cover new subjects like computer teaching and the internet, along with the usual specialized teaching positions for foreign languages, a history, science, literature and mathematics.

Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Develop the lesson plan for the school year and go into detailed planning and execution in compliance with prescribed curriculum and teaching standards for the subject or course.
  • Ensure flexibility in the lesson plan to ensure that basic topics are covered with the right pace of learning that students can sustain; implement adjustments in the lesson plan for unforeseen classroom disruptions due to weather or other emergencies.
  • Instruct new students about school attendance and behavior policies, the proper uniforms and IDs as well as classroom and school premise decorum, along with disciplinary sanctions for any infraction.
  • Develop the appropriate daily and periodic testing templates and questions to adequately gauge student academic learning progress
  • Conduct meetings with parents and guardians regularly, especially for problematic students.
  • Train the class to take on routine responsibilities such as ensuring proper bulletin board updates and maintenance of classroom teaching aids
  • Recommend exemplary students to the school board for proper award recognition at the end of the semester or school year.
  • Counsel students with dismal school performance and propose recommendations to correct performance deficiencies and encourage them to take remediation courses when needed.
  • Keep updated on new and emerging information related to their specific subjects being taught.